Welcome to Babagatto Italian Restaurant

Exquisite Italian Cuisine made right here in beautiful Nelson,

where the flavours of Italy meet the city of Nelson.

100% italian



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Opening Hours


Tuesday to Saturday

5pm  to  9pm






INSALATA mista   12

Mesculin green salad, carrots


ALICI marinate   15

Marinated White Anchovies on a bed of salad


SARDINE del Mar Adriatico   15

Adriatic sea Marinated Sardinas on a bed of salad


OLIVE marinate   15

Marinated Green and Black olives

with herbs and Mutti cherry tomatoes



Bruschetta with (ask for)


ANTIPASTO platter   40

ViaVio Mozzarella bocconcini, ViaVio Monello cheese,

Pecorino di Sardegna, marinated Olives,

Prosciutto di Parma, Salame Napoli, Mortadella di Bologna


SPAGHETTI al sugo di pomodoro   25

Spaghetti, tomato salsa, parmesan (VEGAN GF opt)


SPAGHETTI al Pesto genovese   30

Spaghetti, homemade organic basil, cashew nuts, parmesan (GF opt)


SPAGHETTI alla carbonara con guanciale    30

Spaghetti with free range eggs, parmesan and Italian cured Pork cheek (GF opt)


SPAGHETTI alla Puttanesca   30

Spaghetti, tomato salsa, anchovies, capers, black olives (GF opt)


SPAGHETTI alle vongole   33

Spaghetti, NZ clams, parsley, garlic and pinot grigio  (GF opt)


LASAGNA al ragu bolognese   33

Homemade egg lasagna, authentic bolognese sauce, bechamel sauce and parmesan


TAGLIATELLE al ragu bolognese   33

Homemade egg pasta, authentic bolognese sauce, parmesan


 TAGLIATELLE salsiccia del Babagatto, funghi e parmigiano   33

Homemade egg pasta, Babagatto 100% Pork Sausage mince, mushrooms, cream and parmesan


TAGLIATELLE al ragu d`Agnello   33

Homemade egg pasta, lean Lamb mince, garlic, sage and oregano


GNOCCHI in crema di peperoni e gorgonzola   33

Homemade Potato Gnocchi, in creamy red capsicum sauce and italian Gorgonzola cheese (V)


RAVIOLI di spinaci e ricotta con burro e salvia   35

Homemade pasta filled with spinach, ricotta, parmesan in butter and sage sauce (V)


PARMIGIANA di melanzane   35

Baked eggplant, tomato salsa, ViaVio mozzarella and parmesan on a bed of salad (V GF)


 “Le COSTINE di maiale del Babagatto” con patate arrosto    38

 48 hours sous vide cooked meaty Pork RIBS (about 500g) with green salad and roasted potato (GF)


“La PORCHETTA del Babagatto” con patate arrosto e peperoni    38

 72 hours sous vide cooked Free Farm Pork Belly and lean Loin (about 300g) 

with Marsala wine and sultana gravy sauce, roasted potato and red roasted capsicum (GF)



Homemade Babagatto mascarpone, Savoiardi (Lady finger biscuits), coffee, chocolate


PANNA COTTA con frutti di bosco   15

Homemade wobble Cream with mixed berries and amaretto biscuits (GF)


TORTINO al cioccolato   15

Homemade rich dark chocolate molten lava cake with hazelnut custard (GF)


RICOTTA di ViaVio con fichi caramellati   15

ViaVio Nelson made ricotta with caramelized figs (GF)

Please let us know if you have any food allergies. We take extreme care but...meat products may contain bone. Products may contain traces of nuts.

Contact & Location

+64 3 548 0444

7 Morrison Street